Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ode To Graffiti I Spotted Yesterday

When I see most graffiti displayed,
I think, “Words should be said and not sprayed.”
For I’m sure if my trashcan could talk,
It wouldn’t yell, “CHRISTOPHER RAWKS!”
And I doubt that most bathroom stalls care
Whether “JENNA WUZ HERE” or wuz there.
Surely exit ramps think thoughts more clever
(If they don’t, well, they’ve still got more class
Than the average road underpass.)

But here’s an exception to note -
One stop sign had reason to gloat.
Its message rang both strong and true,
As a spray-written missive should do.
‘Neath STOP, an extra command
In lettering rendered by hand -
No four-letter-studded design,
Just one simple phrase: "HAMMER TIME."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You so clevah! Mumsie

11:27 PM  
Anonymous *jaime said...

you were born to live in a time where courtly epigrams were in vogue.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok- after reading a few of your posts...just maybe you don't need to travel to a 3rd world country and eat shit to have a profound perspective- I truly find your point of view and ability to communicate highly entertain- you are obviously a smart ass...ha, ha!

9:47 PM  

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