Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ode To First Day Of School No. 18

In first grade I got brand-new Crayons;
In second, I wore a new blouse.
Third: a recorder to play on,
Or to squeak, as it were, like a mouse.
The first day of fourth grade meant stencils
To write cursive letters in fifth.
Slap bracelets made great utensils
For trading with neighbors in sixth.
Seventh and eighth were “between” years,
Stuck in the middle school pits,
New looks of scorning from seniors
And, thanks to the hormones, new zits.
High school turned quickly to college
With new buildings to find my way ‘round -
Lost in a new sea of knowledge
If it weren’t for the News, I’d have drowned.
My eighteenth full year as a student
Has started with nary a quirk
But newness? Well...maybe it’s prudent
To look for a new line of work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hee hee - mom

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

I second the shout out to the News!

1:12 PM  
Blogger Volbak said...

In first grade it was evident that Clyde Matheny played soccer with shoes THAT HAD OUTWARD POINTING NAILS IN THE TOES!!! And if he kicked your shins it was just too bad for you.
Though never saw any blood nor heard any lad complain about this, but it was a life lesson: you'd best stay away from Clyde Matheny.

3:51 PM  

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